12 February 2015 – “After 10 years of frenetic growth, BRICS are slowing down sharply: for 2014, Coface forecasts growth of on average 3.2 points lower than the average growth these countries registered over the previous decade,” said Coface, the international credit insurer, in a statement.

“At the same time, other emerging countries are accelerating their development. Among them, a ‘top 10’ emerges with good production prospects and sufficient financing to support expansion.” The company further explained that the BRICS are experiencing a growth downturn due to a slowdown in investment, as well as local businesses being unable to meet production supply with strong demand. Coface has identified ten new emerging countries based on their accelerated growth, economic diversity, resilience and on whether they have sufficient funding capacity to finance growth without the risk of creating a credit bubble.

The countries are however placed in two different categories.

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