November 2014 – Far fewer of us are working conventional 8am to 5pm hours than ever before. This is primarily due to technology automating the formerly tedious tasks that virtually consumed the life of the average office worker. Document management, for example, has evolved from a manual process that comprised hours of sort-and-store labour, into a streamlined drag-and-drop process undertaken on a computer screen.

Industries such as manufacturing, distribution and construction rely heavily on achieving tangible results within limited timeframes. Therefore, it is essential to pair technology with powerful software programs that can simplify and automate complex business processes. This combination enables companies to devote more time towards driving business growth and improving that all-important bottom line.
Since 1996, Resolve Immix has been specialising in customisable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions called Microsoft Dynamics.

In addition, we specialise in an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system called Microsoft Sharepoint. This collection of software programs is continuously being fine-tuned, year after year, to adapt to the most intricate business requirements. It encompasses essential business functionalities such as financial and supply chain management alike. We have further extended these capabilities by combining them with company-specific digital marketing strategies to provide a holistic end-toend solution.

By allowing technology to generate more disposable time, focus automatically shifts towards actioning innovative ideas, tweaking long-term decision-making and adding value to clients, communities and employees.


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