Supply Chain

Strategy, design and optimisation capabilities that span the full spectrum of integrated value chains across industry verticals.


Our Supply Chain strategy, design and optimisation capabilities span the full spectrum of integrated value chains across industry verticals. Not only do we assist clients to better understand their own businesses, we also provide insight and direction to all role players and processes within their network.

Our clients can use our advanced data driven analytical modelling capabilities to identify optimisation opportunities in their supply chain networks or to quantify and compare complex alternative business scenarios. Understanding their business drivers, key success factors, current operations and future plans allow us to model supply chains to ensure future success. This complex process needs configuration of many variables that include the following:

  • Supply chain transformation
  • Strategic and tactical supply chain planning
  • Supply chain network design
  • Organisational design
  • People Enablement
  • Procurement

We follow practical steps to achieve supply chain optimisation in a way that ensures business continuity and sustainable change. Apart from supply chain design and transformation support, we also help clients to improve their integrated business planning, operations scheduling and execution processes that ensure continuous improvement of their operations.

Our solutions incorporate
the following capabilities:

Supply chain opportunity assessment

Data-driven analytics and decision support

Physical network design (brown or greenfields)

Transport strategy and fleet design

Inventory design

Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP)

Key performance measure development and visibility

International logistics process optimisation

Route to market design

Defining and building KPI dashboards

Process mapping/design

Integrated business planning enablement

We are involved in all aspects of supply chain optimisation, from initial analysis to implementation and subsequent sustainability phases. Our solutions are tailored to the key business attributes of asset-centric, service-centric or consumer-centric organisations. We research, and sometimes even develop, local benchmarks and best practices, but always keep practicality and suitability in mind.