Supply Chain
Managed Services

Practical but unique supply chain solutions, that deliver results and continuous improvement.


A number of significant realities have had a major impact on logistics and supply chain operations within most companies today. Strained economic trading environments, rising fuel and labour costs and the ever-increasing levels of customer demand have created a renewed focus on optimising the supply chain. Resolve believes that today’s supply chain challenges require practical but somewhat different solutions, that will ensure our clients’ supply chains deliver results and are constantly improving.

We offer the following supply chain managed services:

Transport Managed Services (TMS)

Transport and distribution of products are becoming increasingly complex and costly. Regulatory factors, cost pressure, increased service levels and flexibility are all factors that challenge the traditional approach to transport. New technologies are offering solutions to these challenges, but require specialised skills and processes to deliver the benefits.

Resolve provides a total managed service that uses the appropriate processes, technology and highly skilled people to manage transport and distribution on behalf of our clients. The service offerings include:

  • Transport planning and optimisation
  • Resource allocation and scheduling
  • Transport activity management
  • Contract management
  • Continuous Planning and Execution
  • Integrated supply chain performance management
  • Continuous Improvement

Each solution is designed, implemented and operated through a process that focuses on the value drivers within the client’s unique environment. Our main objective is to help our clients keep their wheels turning under full loads for as many hours a day as possible within their business constraints.

With this proven distribution planning and execution methodology, we deliver measurable value to our clients who trust us to manage and execute this function for them.

Logistics & Supply Chain Control Tower Services

Control Towers are not a new concept in the supply chain domain. Supply chain academics, thought-leaders, executives and experts have long been promoting the benefits of centralised control, planning and execution of supply chain activities across all supply chain partners, in the form of a Supply Chain Control Tower. This was a theoretical dream for many years, but is now a reality with the advancement of cloud-based, real-time technology to support this concept.

It is built on the foundations of end-to-end visibility, process orchestration and deep analytical capability, and is focused on making the supply chain better for the benefit of all.

The benefit of integrating planning with real-time execution of logistics activities is a continuous improvement in logistics operations, costs and service levels. Utilising our ONE Network platform, we are able to connect all supply chain partners on a real-time planning and execution platform.

We are then able to provide a managed service to assist clients to plan, track and report on all the activities within the respective supply chain, for integrated and collaborative benefits. We will also work with and compliment a client’s existing systems and resources to ensure success.

We offer:

  • Integrated Transport, Operations and Inventory Planning
  • Real-time Logistics Tracking & Execution Management
  • Logistics Service Provider Management
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting

The critical success factor in our control tower solution is the positioning of operationally experienced logistics experts as a managed service, to support your current resourcing and ensure rapid results.

Supply Chain Control Towers