More than 8 months after the announcement of the projects go-live, the Rwandan Ministry of Heath’s (MOH) cloud-based distribution system continues to astonish observers.

Together with One Network and local partner Resolve, and thanks to financial and strategic support from the Government of Rwanda, the MOH is successfully delivering an end-to-end backbone for Antiretroviral HIV/AIDs medications and other healthcare products to its population.

The system covers the country’s central warehouses, 30 district pharmacies, and approximately 465 local health clinics, and dispensing facilities. It enables the MOH to manage and track in real time the custody and distribution of medical supplies as they flow from distribution centers, hospitals, and clinics, all the way to the individual patient.

The Rwanda project is part of One Network’s larger Humanitarian Aid Network, which enables Health Ministries, NGOs, and commercial healthcare organizations to deliver better patient outcomes by leveraging One Network’s cloud platform to manage the end-to-end custody, management, and distribution of healthcare supplies from their origin all the way to the individual patient.

For the MOH, making accurate and timely delivery of critical pharmaceuticals to its people was difficult. The country is highly elevated, its population is predominantly rural, and power and internet outages are frequent. Furthermore the MOH’s fulfillment system was largely paper-based and filled with manual processes. The MOH knew that to overcome these challenges, their new fulfillment system needed to be cloud-based, easy to implement and deploy, and flexible enough to overcome the challenges of operating within a developing country.

The result is a system that is the first of its kind anywhere in the world, and a powerful demonstration of how strong leadership paired with innovative technology can create positive changes that impact the everyday lives of millions of people.

“Our project in Rwanda, along with our larger efforts around the Humanitarian Aid Network, is an exciting example that demonstrates a way forward for other countries throughout the region and other parts of the world,” said Bruce Jacquemard, EVP Sales and Marketing, One Network.

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