Modular supply chain infrastructure solutions provide rapid and cost-effective deployment for African urban and rural areas where lack of traditional supply chain infrastructure, quality storage facilities, and efficient healthcare logistics, demands alternative solutions.

Resolve Solution Partners has developed creative and flexible modular solutions to address supply chain challenges and inefficiencies, particularly in the healthcare industry.

Choose between quality and efficient storage, laboratory, clinic, warehouse, mortuary and healthcare community facilities, depending on your supply chain requirements.

1. Do you need to provide rapid and cost-effective healthcare logistics solutions?

Choose a well-equipped and ready-to-use modular clinic and dispensary unit.

Clinic-in-a-Box™ is an innovative modular pharmaceutical compliant solution that can be installed in any location within one to five days. It can be configured to suit your logistics requirements for medical procedures, e.g. surgeries or circumcision.

Ideal for remote locations where traditional healthcare supply chain often proves time-consuming and ineffective, the 48m² modular clinic unit comes equipped with necessary components, including electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, storage and examination beds.

2. Do you need fast and flexible storage space for your growing supply chain demand?

Choose a pre-engineered modular warehousing storage solution.

Warehouse-in-a-Box™ includes pre-engineered modular warehousing components and fittings that are easy to transport, assemble, maintain, and operate by local personnel at the desired location.

The pharmaceutical compliant modular warehouse, developed specifically for the African market in modules of 1 000 m², can accommodate efficient materials handling, storage equipment, receiving and dispatch, offices, ablutions, as well as CCTV and fire control.

3. Do you need efficient mortuary solutions to add to your healthcare service?

Choose a modular mortuary solution. 

Mortuary Solutions provide a flexible and fast option to expand mortuary services capacity and efficiency in the location needed.

The units are an ideal addition to community facilities and clinics, particularly in remote areas and dangerous or calamity-stricken regions. The modular configuration makes it practical and easy to assemble with a modular clinic unit if necessary.

4. Do you need effective storage with refrigeration capabilities? 

Choose quality and modular cold storage facilities. 

Cold-Storage-in-a-Box™ is a modular and secure cold-chain storage unit suitable for storing items from lower (2-8 °C) to ambient (15-25 °C) temperatures with the highest standard quality to store pharmaceutical items.

The 76+ m² cold storage units include office space and a secure utility room that houses a generator, aircon condenser and refrigeration condenser. The configuration can be easily added to a Clinic-in-a-Box™ setup to provide the required medical storage space.

5. Do you need quality and ready-to-go laboratory facilities?

Choose flexible and modular lab infrastructure.

Lab-in-a-Box™ is a containerised or modular structure with readily available laboratory facilities for medical and pharma industries.

The modular laboratory is industry-compliant and configurable to serve the needs of healthcare units and medical professionals where access to such facilities is difficult or not present at all.

Resolve Solution Partners is involved in all aspects of supply chain optimisation, from initial analysis to implementation and subsequent sustainability phases.

Resolve Capacity offers unique “In-a-Box” modular solutions for rapid and cost-effective deployment, in both urban and rural settings. Contact our team to discuss your supply chain optimisation and transformation requirements.


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