Resolve has been appointed by global business process automation specialist FlowCentric Technologies as a hosting partner and value added reseller.

Resolve chief operations officer Dean Tebbutt says that the partnership provides Resolve clients with a cost effective means to reap the benefits of FlowCentric’s agile business management solutions. By automating the right processes, these solutions eliminate paper, long delays and bottlenecks, and provide for auditability and escalations, he states.

Resolve has been appointed a “Platinum Value Added Reseller” by FlowCentric, which means, as Tebbutt explains, that the company is a “trusted reseller with skilled developers and a hosting environment for a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) business model”.

”Our hosted option is currently unique, since there is no capital expenditure needed to buy the software,” he expands. “There is just an implementation fee and then a monthly per user operational expenditure fee.” Tebbutt notes that Resolve’s partnership with FlowCentric means that the company can now also resell on-premise solutions, whereas it previously focused only on hosted solutions.

Over 14 years in business, FlowCentric’s business process management and workflow automation has been enabling companies in diverse industries to improve their customer service levels. FlowCentric processware is used in numerous sectors, including financial, manufacturing, logistics, banking, government and parastatals.

“From one customer who is currently managing over 180 core processes in multiple regions using FlowCentric processware, to a successful ‘ePetition’ system developed for the Gauteng Legislature, to involve communities in law making, FlowCentric is delivering exceptional value,” Tebbutt states, adding that other successful recent implementations include an online system for the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport and the automation of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature’s processes.

“At the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport, FlowCentric Processware has automated receiving, reviewing and responding to ‘No Objection Certificate’ applications for infrastructure work. With the automated system, paperwork, administrative bottlenecks and human intervention has been eliminated, while approvals on development applications are being fast tracked. It has streamlined infrastructure development in this growing region,” he expands. “Since implementing the system, some 1 600 applications have been approved and the time taken from application to authorisation has been shortened from up to 10 weeks to an average of just 10 working days.”

In addition to its ePetition online public feedback management system, the Gauteng Provincial Legislature has also deployed customised FlowCentric solutions to fully automate its processes, streamline reporting and control functions. “As a result, it has improved access to information across the organisation,” Tebbutt reveals. “We are excited about this partnership, and look forward to delivering FlowCentric solutions to our clients that will drive their competitiveness and enable them to improve their customer service levels,” he concludes.


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