November 2014 – “We achieve in all areas related to capacity management and particularly in the fields of capacity planning, design and project management.” That is according to Resolve Capacity Managing Executive, Arno Haigh, who shared several impressive numbers to demonstrate Resolve Capacity’s capabilities.

For instance, few Resolvers realise the scale of the projects undertaken by this Resolve company – over 30 000 square metres of Warehouse-in-a-Box projects have been delivered for clients to date with another 15 000 square metres of projects in progress across African countries.

We can be proud of the fact that some 45 Clinic-in-a-Box units have been commissioned across Africa in six different countries with 10 units being deployed right now. Resolve Capacity also broke ground in September on a new 12 500 square metre pharmaceutical warehouse in Nairobi that the company project managed right from locating the land to its construction.

When one reads about achievements such as these, one wonders what motivates the people concerned to achieve so much in their chosen profession. According to Arno, a 20-year veteran of the FMCG and Pharmaceutical industries, it’s about adding operational value to clients’ projects. “Once this value has been added, donor-funded projects can step in and make a huge difference to the lives of people in need of medical assistance and education.”

Resolve Capacity

For Iain Sherwood, Resolve Capacity’s Design Services Executive, the following statement perfectly summarises the reason he gets up in the morning. “I want to plant the seed and watch others make it grow,” he says. If one looks at how Clinic-in-a-Box, for example, is revolutionising the prevention of HIV and AIDS, it becomes clear that Resolve Capacity is indeed enabling the seeds of innovative solutions to be planted globally.

In other recent Resolve Capacity news, a Clinic-in-a-Box health-care facility was donated to the Australian Department of Health following its exhibition at the 2014 World AIDS Conference. This gesture was made possible by IMPERIAL Health Sciences and the facility is being used to ease overcrowding at the outpatients section of Melbourne’s Sandringham Hospital.

Resolve Capacity has a reputation for meeting challenges head on. “We are currently working on a proposal to construct pharmaceutical warehouses for USAID in Mozambique. The challenge is that we are positioned as the bidder, which is somewhat unusual. We need to ensure conformance to detailed government specifications which are major factors in measuring the success of our bid,” said Iain Sherwood.

As to future prospects for Resolve Capacity, perhaps just how rosy these look can best be illustrated by a recent compliment received by Iain from a long-time client who heard that he was now with Resolve: “That’s awesome news – our industry needs a new injection of knowledge and expertise from a company like yours.”


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