The latest global trends in the digital age and how they can benefit the consumer and retail sector will be discussed at the annual flagship summit of the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa (CGCSA) from 17-18 September 2015, at Vodacom World, Midrand.

Delegates and speakers will engage on the latest trends and digital developments in retail, and hear how the digital age is transforming business models in the consumer and retail sector as more and more people adopt mobile technology and social media to purchase or make on-line transactions.

The digital age has also opened opportunities for companies to use platforms such as social media to engage with customers, respond to complaints, monitor consumer buying and spending behaviour and accumulate data that can be used to influence purchasing decisions.

Paul Dickson, Strategic Solutions Lead at supply chain specialist company Resolve Solution Partners, joins speakers from global and local companies such as Facebook, McKinsey, Nielsen, Vodacom, Roamler, WiGroup, Imperial, and Coca Cola. Dickson has a passionate interest in retail and FMCG in Africa, and has created a focus on how the sector can (and should) be creating intrinsic value from practical insight into global “best in-class” examples.

Supply chain collaboration has been one of the major trending themes in global supply chains for over 10 years, although a difference in market adoption and maturity has been seen around the world. Observations from first world countries such as the USA and in Europe is that integrated, visible and collaborative business planning is still seen as critical by many FMCG executives. This begins in the form of strategic planning by multiple parties on brand, price and marketing strategy, but has evolved into real-time and collaborative demand and supply chain planning and execution. Critical to this, is the involvement of a multitude of trade partners, including retailers, manufacturers, transporters and other logistics partners.

In his presentation, Dickson will take a pragmatic view on the state of collaboration in South Africa, and review the value and practicality of implementing collaborative processes across FMCG trade partners.

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