As part of its commitment to the fight against HIV/Aids, the Namibia Institute of Pathology Limited (NIP) is rolling out viral load testing in the SADC region.

In support of this objective, the NIP has commissioned Resolve Capacity, a division of Imperial Group company Resolve Solution Partners, to install two containerised laboratories in northern Namibia at the Onandjokwe Lutheran and Engela District Hospitals respectively.

The recently-installed laboratory units are designed to be self-supporting, with water and sewerage harvesting systems and generator power. They are also designed using materials that are pharmaceutically robust, and that reduce bacteria attachment, making for a better-quality working environment.

These laboratories meet the design requirements from both the NIP and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in Namibia. The CDC has helped Namibia develop and implement HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment programmes since 2002. With their assistance, Namibia has strengthened its efforts to prevent HIV transmission and expand care and treatment services.


Resolve Capacity

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