The Problem:

An integrated oil and gas specialist operating within West Africa called on Resolve to investigate its outbound logistics stream, with the aim of improving the utilisation of contractors, owned assets and the logistics process as a whole.The company’s value chain included sales and distribution through more than 500 retail service stations and industrial customers. To add to its supply chain complexities, its reach extended across geographic zones within the region.


Resolve’s goal was to decrease operating costs while improving efficiencies – through focusing on the company’s logistics processes. The team’s delivery included:

  • Core outbound logistics process review
  • Asset utilisation and effectiveness analysis
  • Technology support assessment
  • Business SWOT analysis
  • Business opportunity and improvement identification
  • Improvement plans and measurement metrics
  • Project plan development


As a trusted outsource partner, Resolve provided the client with an unbiased assessment of its logistics processes. Issues including governance risks, underutilisation of existing assets as well as inventory and logistics management improvement opportunities came to the fore. Technological gaps were highlighted and remedial plans put in place. “Dead stock” gained better visibility. The risks of stock loss were identified and mitigating plans were provided.


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