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Capacity management solutions, specialising in facilities planning, design and project management.

Facility Capacity

Currently, clients are faced with the real challenge of capitalising on the significant growth being experienced in the African market. This also brings changes in the route to market they need to follow. Clients need to meet demand for their product at affordable logistics costs while still being able to develop additional supply chain facilities. Resolve Capacity exists to partner with clients on their African expansion journey.

We excel in all capacity management areas and particularly in facilities planning, design and project management.

Turnkey Facility

Resolve Capacity’s ability to offer a complete turnkey solution sets us apart. This capability is delivered via specialised services which cover every step of the journey that begins with a client’s vision. Our multifaceted approach means that clients can partner with Resolve Capacity for their entire journey, or simply engage with us on certain elements of their project.

Our change management services ensure that the clients employees are not thrown in at the deep end but receive the requisite training to ensure a seamless transition to a new environment, new processes and equipment.


The implementation, effort and energy required for construction, fit-out, actual start-up and debugging logistics solutions is inversely proportional to the previous stages of design and quality of the planning. The better the design and more detailed the plan, the less time will have to be devoted to last-minute field adjustments during construction or worse, during the transition of a facility. Design changes in the early stages (paper phase) are exponentially less costly than field or installation corrections, in both time and money.

Resolve Capacity has supported a number of companies in these various phases of logistics facility design through different levels of intervention, and at different phases, from conceptual studies through to implementation. This business unit within Resolve focuses on the steel, concrete and equipment that shapes a logistics facility from the strategic concept, through “in-a-box” solutions for Africa and rural areas, bespoke materials handling equipment and storage solutions, as well as the management of both installations into and construction of facilities.

Resolve Capacity has experience across a wide variety of clients and projects, from mines and manufacturing facilities, through manufacturing environment logistical flow, to traditional FMCG warehousing, allowing us to optimise the solution through a broad experience base. This cross-section of business support enables us to design to address the big picture, and thereby making business better for our clients.

Our approach, which factors practical operational execution into the concepts of storage and handling, results in a physical environment supportive of systems and management, currently being employed by the client.

Another service we offer is being the client’s project representative. This allows the client to focus on day-to-day operations, without being bogged down with daily project management activities, ensuring a positive implementation on all fronts.