Our purpose is to make business better for our clients and for our employees. How we pursue that purpose is influenced by a set of core values – the standards that guide interactions with fellow Resolvers, the principles that direct how we service our clients, the ideals that drive what we do and how we do it. All of our values depict how we strive to live every day!

Through workshops, Resolvers had the opportunity to unravel what each of our values mean to us. What are the behaviours that depict each of these ‘words’? What does it mean to live these values?

The feedback we received from our staff was phenomenal and showed a real pride in the Resolve brand and a genuine intent to live the values.

We will be launching this feedback tool shortly. This tool will allow us to request feedback from our colleagues, and even clients, as to how they perceive us living the values of Resolve every day.


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