Facility Design

Facility and intra-logistical design solutions.


Through our division Resolve Capacity, we offer facility and intra-logistical design solutions to ensure optimal facility sizing and efficient operations through a team of engineers specialised in this field. This includes the full spectrum, from concept determining of basic square meterage and maximising storage capabilities, to detailed facility designs and complete development budgets.

Service overview:

Concept, functional and detail design

Material handling and storage systems solutions to suit operations

Operational value-add through in depth understanding of intra0logistical solutions

Risk-averse planning and fit-for-purpose

Specialised storage buildings such as those for pharmaceutical and cold chain requirements

Value engineering of facilities and equipment

Service level management

Examples of key drivers behind the strategic dynamics of facility design include:

Need for logistical facility space has increased with a continuing global growth in demand for product and support

Optimal location and routing to customer

Space available to conduct warehouse activities has decreased

Land and construction costs have escalated significantly, demanding smarter usage of available area and space

Congestion is increasing

Operating costs are rising faster than throughput

Labour costs have significantly changed

Higher demand on on-time in-full shipping with an increase on other service measurements

Optimal cost demand on supply chains, smarter facilities are being used

Inventory control/management issues are on the rise

The overall approach to a good facility design is heavily impacted by the understanding of business issues and operational requirements, the collection and interpretation of data, and the knowledge application for viable solution development of concepts through to functional designs goes hand-in-hand with materials handling solutions and control technology.