Resolve is characterised by people with passion to make business better. We take pride in being part of a team that delivers results, and therefore employ high performing and ambitious individuals who will contribute to achieving these results.

We have created a culture that rewards exceptional performance and accelerates professional development, while encouraging a healthy work-life balance. Our culture is expressed in the values that embody our core ideology and that guide our actions.

  • Commitment / Pride
    • Showing energy and initiative in everything we do
    • We pride ourselves in our service delivery – Consider it done!!!
  • Passion / Innovation
    • Our persistent, emotionally positive state of well-being, which results in consistent positive behaviours.
    • Our innovation stems from stems from imagination, inspiration, knowledge, boldness, persistence and the tenacity to excel.
  • Integrity / Accountability
    • We not only understand right from wrong, but we practice it in everything we do.
    • We complete our tasks assigned to us, perform our duties required by the job and we fulfil and further the goals of Resolve.
  • Recognition / Respect
    • Our efforts, dedication at work and results are recognised and governed by mutual respect and is expressed regularly through a host of simple gestures such as a sincere thank you, as well as symbolically through the receiving of an award.
    • Respect for self and others.

Our greatest strength is our people and the diverse opinions, skills, expertise and their action oriented passion to make business better. Resolve’s EVP recognises that our diverse workforce needs diverse experience in acknowledging the efforts of each employee to making business better.

Our EVP is based on four pillars:

  • Work/life balance
  • Career journey
  • Community involvement
  • Total rewards

We have a strong employment brand where we are acknowledged as being a responsible and attractive employer and where our staff demonstrate active pride in our organisation and are strong ambassadors of the brand to our clients.

We were certified as an Industry Leader by the Top Employers Institute of South Africa 2015. Crucial to the Top Employers procedure is that participating companies must complete a stringent research process – the Top Employers Institute’s international HR Best Practices Survey – and meet the required high standard in order to achieve the certification. To further reinforce the validity of the process, all answers were independently audited, meaning this research has verified our outstanding employee conditions and earned us a coveted spot among a select group of certified Top Employers.

The Top Employers Institute assessed our employee offerings on the following criteria:

  • Talent Strategy
  • Workforce Planning
  • On-boarding
  • Learning & Development
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Career & Succession Management
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Culture

Through our effective talent management we ensure that we have the right people with the right capabilities in the right roles. This enables us to be true to our brand promise of Making Business Better.

We invest in skills development through our learnerships and internships. Our graduate programme is one of the cornerstones of our resourcing strategy, as they are our future leaders.

With the professional services we render, our staff’s professional development is crucial.

Diverse career journeys are designed and created where career growth is provided through exposure to multiple projects, platforms and industries. Employees get full exposure to their discipline, whether it is consulting or technology development. They are exposed to different clients and their employees – liaising with directors of companies to operators. Because of our diversification, there are various opportunities for internal company transfers.

We believe that each individual plays a role in the achievement of our strategic objectives. Each employee has a performance plan that is aligned to the overall company objectives. During regular performance discussions our staff are aligned to our strategic objectives, and their develop needs are addressed. Performance is rewarded through performance based incentives.