An Imperial solution to Malawi’s healthcare delivery challenges.

An effective supply chain model established by Imperial Health Sciences to get essential medicines to the people of Malawi has successfully achieved this goal, and, in addition, it has resulted in the growth and development of a local logistics service provider.

The problem – Imperial Health Sciences managing director Dr Iain Barton highlights the reasons for the development of a new healthcare supply chain in Malawi: “In most countries in sub-Saharan Africa, essential medicines and vaccines are procured and distributed by the Ministry of Health or a parastatal agency closely linked to the Ministry. The typical model is that the manufacturers ship the medicines to the Central Medical Stores, which, using a government owned fleet, distributes in bulk to district or regional warehouses.

These in turn distribute supplies to hospitals, clinics and primary healthcare centres.” Barton notes that the problem with this model, however, is that the drug distribution needs within a country usually overwhelm the government run drug distribution and logistics system, leading to very poor performance and significant stockouts of essential medicines and other health products. Click here to read full article.


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