Supply chain networks remain a challenge on the African continent, particularly in vital sectors of the economy such as healthcare, and in many cases in rural areas without a formalised logistics infrastructure.

There are considerable differences in households’ proximity to a health facility between rural and urban areas, across provinces and between socio-economic groups in Africa. The likelihood of using a health service is far lower for those living further away.

A National Income Dynamics Survey (NIDS) found that 20% of the lowest income residents lived more than 5 km from the nearest clinic, compared with only 5% of the richest. Solutions are needed to bridge this gap and bring healthcare facilities to even the most remote communities.

The growing demand for medicine, products and healthcare facilities – from clinics to laboratories – and the difficulty in matching supply with demand, require a more flexible and creative approach to the supply chain infrastructure.

Modular infrastructure solutions can promptly address these challenges and alleviate the pressure on existing and inefficient supply chains.

Warehouse units, clinics, laboratories and surgical units can be efficiently deployed in record time in remote rural regions, assisting health organisations, health providers and NGOs in their work to provide people with access to proper healthcare.

Modular prefabricated solutions are cheaper to build than traditional infrastructure, and can also be added to existing structures where needed; for example, to extend limited storage space or add previously non-existent facilities such as laboratories.

The benefits of modular solutions extend beyond the rapid commission and installation of the units itself in the set location. It includes comprehensive solutions with a focus on the quality and environmental sustainability of the healthcare supply chain, which reduces costs through energy-efficient design.

Furthermore, the standards and operational benchmarks align with international pharmaceutical, medical and warehousing compliance requirements, and best-practice supply chain and design principles.

Suitable for both urban and rural locations across the continent, the modular “In-a-Box facilities” deployed by Resolve Solution Partners enable total solutions for the healthcare supply chain, ready for delivery, with all of the above benefits and industry compliance.

Resolve is involved in all aspects of supply chain optimisation, from initial analysis to implementation and subsequent sustainability phases.

Resolve offers unique “In-a-Box” modular solutions for rapid and cost-effective deployment, in both urban and rural settings.

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