Transport managed services (TMS) for enterprises offer the advantage of fully customised logistics planning solutions.

These solutions are based on advanced technology and processes developed to handle all aspects of transport and distribution operations, as well as fleet management.

The following considerations help improve, simplify, manage, and effectively measure the transport and distribution of goods in the supply chain:

  1. Efficient Transport Load and Route Planning

Optimised transport planning allows for better utilisation of vehicles and load distribution. It also ensures the system-driven transport routes are cost-focused and operationally viable.

Transport managed services assist with the swift implementation of rules and actions aligned with business objectives, for example, optimal routes, delivery frequency, minimum order quantity, warehouse picking, and loading bay requirements. It is this consistent application of operational expertise to the planning process that separates outsourced service providers.

  1. Real-Time Distribution Tracking & Execution Management

Too often an operational plan is generated that is not operationally feasible. The plan, therefore, fails dismally in execution and the reasons for failure are not properly accounted for.

By integrating the planning process into the management of the delivery execution, a mature TMS provider can expedite the deliveries and ensure adherence to targeted delivery times and service levels. Deviations are logged in the system for future analysis that ensure that the cause of the problem is rectified in time for the next planning cycle.

  1. Third-Party Service Provider (3PL) Management

Logistics network performance relies on relationships with external suppliers and internal vendors, effective contract management, and better rate negotiations with transport partners.

Transport managed services facilitate the management of third party service providers and associated activities by integrating all logistics role-players.

  1. Continuous Performance Monitoring and Analytics

Access to analytics and industry KPIs is essential in identifying critical operational constraints, mitigating potential risks, and assessing transport activities and associated costs.

Transport managed services deliver measurable value to enterprises through effective monitoring and reporting of all key variables affecting logistics networks.

  1. Integrated Supply Chain Management

Changes in the supply chain could impact performance or constrain potential optimisation in the transport and distribution network.

Transport managed services increase visibility and transparency across all related supply chain planning and operations through comprehensive system integration, resulting in substantial time and cost savings.

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  1. Ricardo Mothupi

    But the problem with TMS it cannot be amended, for example if lets say the delivery failed to the customer and stock has already been goods issue, it means we cant change the delivery date to pass KPI because we have to close order in the 24hours of delivery date. For us to pass KPI we have to upload Final ETA for the next delivery date instead but TSM doesnt have that option. Is there anything that can be done to improve that part?

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