In today’s fast-paced technology environment, business leaders are constantly looking to unlock the value of big data and gain valuable insights to focus their attention where the business needs it the most.

Cloud technology has made it possible to drive data analytics exponentially faster, and has made it more accessible than ever before through the rise of Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS).

Resolve Solution Partners uncovers five common data issues within most organisations, which AaaS is designed to address and in turn drive real business value.

  1. Too Much Data, and Not Enough Time to Go Through It?

    Your business needs a capable data analytics solution to process substantial amounts of data in record time, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

    Analytics-as-a-Service provides organisations with rapid access to data analytics through web-delivered technologies.

    Increase your turnaround from data to insight, and tackle mountains of data with an ultra-fast and accessible cloud-based analytics solution.

  2. Too Much Data, and Not Making Sense of It?

    Your business has to process great amounts of data and understand what the information is telling you by leveraging the latest business intelligence tools.

    Analytics-as-a-Service provides organisations with deeper business insights than off-the-shelf business intelligence tools can provide.

    Combine big data insights with sophisticated cloud technology to make sense of your data and bridge those IT gaps once and for all.

  3. Big Data Driving IT Infrastructure and Operational Costs Too High?

    Your business needs to optimise its working capital while keeping infrastructure and operational costs at a minimum. Data analytics can become a cumbersome process driving additional costs if not managed properly.

    Analytics-as-a-Service delivers powerful analytics and big data-driven insights to organisations as and when needed, via cloud technology, without the need for hardware setup.

    Save substantial IT infrastructure costs with subscription-based access to analytics and operational insights that fit your organisation’s requirements.

  4. Not Enough Hardware Capacity to Host All That Data?

    Your business needs to function at a growing rate to accommodate increasing data entries and business processes. Having the right capacity for your business analytics is essential.

    Analytics-as-a-Service offers organisations an alternative to developing internal hardware structures specifically tailored to perform business analytics.

    There is no need for additional setups.Provide for future growth with high performing analytics solutions that are tailored to your business.

  5. No Experienced Staff and Business Analysts to Handle All That Data?

    Your business needs the expertise and resources to move from gathering data to actionable insights. It could mean an additional and costly dedicated workforce who understands data.

    Analytics-as-a-Service provides organisations with a scalable analytics solution to fit their needs, backed by a team of professionals. You do not need to bring in your own analytics people.

    Benefit from a readily deployable team with the collective expertise to assist with your data analytics, and avoid additional staff costs as a result.

Contact Resolve Solution Partners and speak to one of our experienced consultants to see how Analytics-as-a-Service can help your organisation drive real business value.


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