A common challenge facing business today across many sectors, is the lack of operational adherence to the enhanced and optimised supply chain planning that has been of focus for a long time. In addition to this, different business units and functions create their own operational plans which have no consideration of constraints and dependencies on each other.

The benefit of an integrated operational planning approach with the real-time execution of logistics activities is the continuous improvement in logistics operations, costs and service levels. Cloud-based real-time technology has enabled these “Supply Chain Control Towers” to achieve more centralised control, planning and execution of supply chain activities across all supply chain tiers & partners.

The main advantages of Supply Chain Control Towers are:

  1. Multi-party Collaboration

The supply chain becomes a connected network with major collaborative benefits through the integration of supply chain control tower infrastructure.

Connecting all supply chain partners on a real-time planning and execution platform, e.g., One Network, is vital to ensure effective multi-party communication. It drives operational performance, speed and efficiency of the entire supply chain.

  1. Centralised Planning, Execution and Monitoring

The management of all logistics providers, including third-party logistics, on the same central platform, improves logistics efficiencies and ensures operational compliance with service level agreements.

Control Towers allow for a centralised repository of more logistics data than in a traditional distribution environment. Execution pairs with careful monitoring via advanced analytics and meaningful insights into supply chain operations.

  1. Real-time End-to-End Visibility

Supply chain managed services increase transparency and visibility across logistics networks. Real-time logistics tracking and execution management are achieved through practical and proven integration with tracking providers.

Real-time business processes ensure planning and service level optimisation across all components in the supply chain.

  1. Systems Integration and Synchronisation

Supply chain success relies on the effective management of integrated transport, operations and inventory planning, as well as the synchronisation of all these activities to operate across various networks, devices and service providers.

Control towers extend management services for transport planning and management to all operational and logistics activities, so that there is a single version of the truth on one platform.

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