Through collaborative supply chain solutions, business communities work together towards better servicing the end customer where and when it matters.

ONE Network leverages cloud-based technology and fast-growing communities of trading partners to provide end-to-end supply chain solutions for a wide range of clients and industries, from consumer packaged goods to healthcare and retail.

Below are a few main advantages of a collaborative supply chain network versus a more traditional approach.

#1 Real-Time Value and Visibility Across Network

A collaborative effort in the supply chain management requires proper access and visibility to real-time information across the entire network.

ONE Network’s cloud-based Real Time Value Network (RTVN) enables accurate, focused and fast consumer-driven business processes for all trading partners in real time.

#2 Integrated Business Planning and Execution

An integrated approach to business, sales, and operations strategy enables a seamless transition from planning to execution through intelligent technology.

ONE Network’s Integrated Business Planning (IBP) optimises clients’ short-term decisions, aligns them with long-term goals, and balances monthly projections with annual strategic views.

#3 BI- and Demand-Driven Management

An electronic collaborative supply chain network delivers business intelligence analysis and immediate results to drive further value for the end customer.

ONE Network’s demand-driven value grid continuously gathers intelligence, forecast, planning, and execution into a single multi-echelon cloud-based solution for the benefit of all participants.

#4 Enhanced Supply and Logistics Management

Overall, a single collaborative cloud-based platform improves service levels and facilitates better communication among supply network participants, from manufacturers to carriers to distributors and eventually consumer.

ONE Network’s end-to-end supply chain solution enables business growth and customer satisfaction through complete supply and logistics processes including procurement, contracting, shipment, tracking, and financial settlements.

ONE Network facilitates better collaboration, optimised planning, and efficient solution deployment via its multi-party real time value network that is designed to solve important customer issues simpler, faster, and smarter.

Contact Resolve Solution Partners and speak to one of our experienced consultants to see how ONE Network can help your organisation drive real business and customer value.


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